Thursday, April 26, 2018

From the Bubble Guts Enterprizes Archives: A remastered version of our original infomercial.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Opening April 27, 2018: THE MEDICINE CABINET

One night only: don't miss the chance to take a self-guided tour of a brand new exhibition, THE MEDICINE CABINET, at Louisville's own Sheherazade Gallery. Open to the public from 6-9pm on Friday 4/27, and on display until June 2018. Check out @pinkdingle on Instagram for frequent updates and images!

About the show: 

Bubbleguts Enterprizes is an ongoing project by Louisville-based artist Rodolfo Salgado Jr, which features an extensive collection of artifacts related to medicine, the body, and consumer culture. This iteration of Bubbleguts Enterprizes at Sheherazade explores the human impulse to collect and store materials in an effort to control or subdue bodily failures, from headaches, nausea, and runny noses. Though salves and homeopathic treatments are centuries old, modern-day medicine remains complex and inaccessible to some, with self-diagnosis and care supported by pharmaceutical ads, telemedicine, activity trackers, and late-night infomercials. In the spirit of a quack, archivist, and hoarder, Rodolfo Salgado Jr embodies these DIY approaches through combining everyday objects from pharmaceutical, hygiene, and scientific industries to examine the ways we work to meet social expectations of how our bodies should function. Before and after the public reception on April 27, Rodolfo will be on site in the Bubbleguts Enterprizes archive, rearranging and reinventing items from the collection, from funnels and tubes to hand-blown glass forms. In this large-scale installation, Rodolfo will mix concoctions and create sculptural assemblages that imitate pressurized bodily systems. In this ever-changing artwork, he will activate and recombine found objects to examine the stories we tell ourselves as we take comfort in the solutions that act on our mysterious inner workings.

About the artist

Rodolfo is a printmaker and interdisciplinary artist who grew up in Southern California with family members involved in dental and pharmaceutical industries. An avid collector, Rodolfo is interested in how printed and manufactured materials instruct us in the ways our bodies should behave, and creates environments and images that merge boundaries between public and private, body and machine, reality and fantasy.

Many thanks to

Julie Leidner, Sheherazade founder and director
WG Rickel for his help with sound and lighting
Susanna Crum, Peter Price, Shelby Thompson, Jason and Corin Hindenach for their help with the installation
Neighbors on Magnolia Avenue